About Mark

Mark Duffy is a Dundalk, Ireland based landscape photographer & graphic designer. He studied Applied Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology in the hopes of furthering a career in the music industry as a professional drummer. As a result from the recession in Ireland, Mark found himself developing a hobby, graphic design, into a full time career choice. He is a self-taught graphic designer, having spent the last eight years learning & developing his skills, mostly through as his father describes as, "The University of Youtube".

During mid 2014/15, Mark worked on filming his own drum videos with a set of GoPro cameras he owned. He stumbled across time-lapse videography in his efforts to improve his filming techniques. He would sub-sequentially spend the next six months working on a video to showcase the hidden beauty of his hometown using just a GoPro camera.

From the overwhelming success of the time-lapse video Dundalk Timelapse, he decided to make the leap into landscape photography by the end of January 2016. Since then he has grown from having no photography experience, to commanding an ever growing presence on social media and a loyal fan base.

Mark combines his background of post-production methodology from music & film into his approach of capturing & editing a photograph. The end result is the most important to him for any photograph captured, this maybe one shot or multiples, blended naturally together. For Mark, a photograph is more than what is just in front of you at that particular moment. A photograph is the capturing of a mood and the telling of a story.