A photographer’s guide to the Wee County

Louth Rediscovered is a photography book with the most concise collection of Louth heritage sites. County Louth is known for being the smallest county in Ireland, but did you know that it also has the largest number of heritage sites per capita outside of Dublin?

Join landscape photographer Mark Duffy on a journey of rediscovery and explore some of the best locations to visit in County Louth. See Louth like you’ve never done before, through the eyes of a landscape photographer. Mark visits everything from stunning vistas across the Cooley Mountains to church ruins, castle ruins and even some living castles. Whether you’re from Louth or looking for somewhere new to visit, Louth Rediscovered will guide you to the best locations but also show you some of the best times to visit these stunning places.

Take a journey of rediscovery and Rediscover Louth.

Louth Rediscovered Book
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Louth Rediscovered
By Mark Duffy
Louth Rediscovered Book + Print


Treat yourself or that special person with the perfect gift, my new book, Louth Rediscovered with a 10”x8” print of the Blackrock Sundial Timelapse.

This is limited to only 100 copies.

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